The Live fast and die young design has a pretty gnarly story behind it..


Chucky tells the awful experience like it was yesterday. He was cruising through a tree run in some fresh powder when he hit a stump that caused him to take a sharp turn in the backcountry.

This catapulted him straight into the air and directly into the largest pine tree on the mountain, leaving him knocked out and unconcious. 


His buddy was shredding right in front of him and when he heard the loud impact, he turned around, but Chucky was nowhere to be found. After some searching his friend finally found him under the snow. 

Chucky was having a hard time breathing and was trying to scream for help.

His buddy quickly started checking on him. At this point his wrist was in intense pain, he lost his dentures for the 3rd time and knocked out even more teeth. His buddy took off his bindings on his snowboard because it was broken in a half and his helmet had a huge crack in it. A young ski patrol dude arrived on the scene and started asking a lot of questions. He responded with yes or no answers by nodding his head because he is hearing impaired.


To make a long story short. They loaded him into the toboggan and he took the ride of death down the mountain with a broken wrist and rib. Halfway down the mountain the patrollers asked him if he was planning on driving himself to the hospital... He replied with his friend “Are you serious…. Call me a fucking helicopter or ambulance!!”  The EMT’s had a hard time getting an I.V. in him and so he didn’t receive any pain medications until he got to the ER which was about 4 hours after the accident.


This design represents the gnarly risks that can come with shredding in the backcountry. 

We're sure all you hardcore shredders can relate. 


Product Features:


  • Made with 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester for a super soft feel.
  • Custom printed and designed Well connected design. 
  • Preshrunk fabric.
  • Sideseamed.



BODY LENGTH 27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33"      
BODY WIDTH 16.5" 18" 19.5" 21" 22.5" 24.5" 26.5"

Live Fast, Die Young Baseball Tee.

Color: Black and red.