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JACOBY is a producer and DJ from LA who is pushing the limits between Hip Hop/R&B and electronic music. His mission has been to find the sweet spot between the two major genres that are taking over the industry. A veteran of the USMC he found his escapism through music. Providing and creating that for fellow veterans has been his goal since the beginning of his career. Starting his journey in Seattle WA as a resident DJ in many clubs, curating local events/private parties, and collaborating with some of the most talented upcoming artists (Kid Indigo, Astral OG, Terry Can't Die, Nathan Chan, and Neko Savvy) . Fast forward 3 years he is performing at SXSW in Austin Texas and the emerald cities largest music festival Bumbershoot. JACOBY plans on releasing a new EP with fellow Seattle artist now LA resident TINY. You can be sure to expect a beautiful futuristic blend of heavy hitting snares and kicks, live instrumentation, and melodic synths through out this project.

Melodies, ukuleles, and island vibes are some of the things that come to mind when talking about Portland, OR artist Kid Indigo. He has come a long way since launching his solo career in 2016 with his hit single “Dojah”, a playful Summer-time jam that continues to be a fan favorite.


A recent remix of “Dojah” has found some international success in Europe, which has created a new fan base for Kid Indigo across seas and the fresh ears on this young artist has helped launched his following to another level. The talent and diversity with Kid Indigo is self-evident since he is also known for being the lead singer of the Indie/Pop/Reggae band, Foreign Talks. Kid Indigo’s band is also in the process of releasing a few singles this Summer, which have been highly anticipated by their fan-base. With Foreign talks opening up for artists such as Snoop Dogg, X Ambassador, Devin the Dude, and Madchild, Kid Indigo is no stranger to being a creative in the music industry.


Kid Indigo’s solo career has allowed him to explore new genres, develop new fans, and work with some amazing artist on some of their own projects. His Summer is packed full, with a 2018 tour throughout the West Coast, new singles, an EP, and several features with artists in the US and Europe. It is safe to say that Kid Indigo does not plan on slowing down any time soon and you can expect to hear his name popping up a lot more.