Holderman Shred X Enjoy was created by Charlie “The Chuckster” Holderman and Co-owned by New Flag Design Founder Stuart Shepard. 


Chucky is a deaf snowboarder who is heavily involved in the action sports industry. He is an avalanche patroller and a competitive snowboarder from Lake Tahoe, California. He has been running HSE since 2016. 


Chucky has spent the last 17 years working in the apparel industry & learning the ins and outs from his sponsors as well as running his own brand. He has also been snowboarding for the last 25 years & spends most of the year shredding on tour all over the world. 


Both owners have been developing and designing each product by hand for the last 6 months. Stuart has been designing & printing for over a decade and also has an extensive background in the ski/snow/skate industry. 


The idea and concept behind Holderman Shred X Enjoy is the help spread the snowboarding experience and bring awareness that nothing can hold you back from accomplishing your goals.