FAST & AFFORDABLE,

                                     AUTOMATIC PRECISION &

                                                                        PROFESSIONAL STITCHING

Needle & Thread


The automatic stitching process.

Custom embroidery starts with a unique design and a blank garment or patch. We offer items from high quality polo shirts to custom hats and towels, we can accommodate any order, big or small. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1: A customer submits a design. We take that design, clean it up & digitize the file, and figure out the best way to embroider it onto their custom polo shirts, hats, towels, or other apparel.
Step 2: If you’re placing a new order for ten or more pieces, we’ll send you a digital copy of this updated work (a proof, for short) and ask that you approve it before printing begins. If you’re placing a re-order of any quantity or a new order for 10 pieces or fewer, we won’t send a proof unless the design is especially complex, or you request a proof during checkout or by emailing

Step 3: We send the design off to our embroidery team, who quickly and carefully hoops and embroiders the logo onto the customer’s products with our start of the art automatic stitching equipment. 
Step 4: Each individual piece goes through a quality assurance process, wherein additional fabric or stitches are trimmed and cleaned up, and every piece is checked, and then re-checked, to ensure complete and total accuracy.
Step 5: We ship the order right to the customer’s door, but not before we provide them with a UPS tracking number and guaranteed delivery date.
Step 6: The customer receives their beautiful embroidered goods!


 From the first item on your order to the very last, rest easy knowing your product 

is stitched accurately and consistently. Utilizing state-of-the-art multi-needle embroidery equipment, designs are beautifully stitched with precision. 


Are you ready to start your next custom embroidery project with 

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